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Community branch taxes, pews, route

The community of Bömighausen has always been a branch of Neerdar church, as early documents make us know, but we can take it for sure, even earlier. From May 1st, 1865 Neerdar district was under the administration of Rhena, together with that clerical branch of Bömighausen. The pastor from Rhena has taken care of the Bömighausen community until today. During and after World War II people from Bömighausen visited the services in Neerdar. Having their own church stools they were obliged to take part in supporting Neerdar church and pastorate. In connection with the stools some people from Bömighausen are mentioned: Joh. Wilhelm Bergmann, Wilh. Kiel, Caspar Schüttler, Fritz Clement, Jost Küte, Henricus Eggending, Jacob Klein, Georg Hartwig, Joh. Henrik Emden, Jost Wilcke. (partly adapted from a list that was made in 1764) Still today the name JOHAN MICHAEL GELDMACHER can be read clearly on a stool part. Geldmacher was an inhabitant of Bömighausen, and the letters were carved in ANNO 1672. There are others,too. Geldmacher very likely belonged to the presbyters. A register from 1714 tells us that Ludolf Bornemann´s heirs (Bömighausen) had to pay the following annual tax as a fea for the Neerdar pastor: 10 Hütte of oatmeal, 80 eggs and 4 cocks.

There are further informations about St. Pankratius Church and the registers in the genealogical book Neerdar.