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The School in Bömighausen Conference of teachers

A part from the report about the conference of teachers at the school of Mr. Emde at Bömighausen on July 2nd, 1852
The classroom is so small that even two participants had to find their places in the vestibule....Although Bömighausen School has only got 24 to 25 pupils, we have to feel sorry for that man who is prisoned in a nearly 100 - square feet - room.
The classroom contained an alcove with bed for a "lodger". A very slowly... song accompanied by a violin... was the opener. A prayer containing several hymns followed, then morning prayers in rhymes and free ones, too. It was the children´s task to recite them completely and without any mistake. So all the 19 pupils did. Although some of us became weary it was the teacher´s patience that we had to admire... Most of us might have wished less prayers, but suddenly there came a voice which said:"Mr.Emde! Make up your mind and listen to my words: Make the children pray many more times!" ... The lesson started with reading. Still the Bible is the reading book, and one after the other, the 19 children read a verse out of the " Lazarus´revelation".They spoke loudly and fluently, but without intonation.
During the text the 5 or 6 younger pupils had not been busy, and it seemed to us a bit strange. However, we had to recognize their stillness and appearently their attention...
During the second subject, Algebra, the children weren´t trained sufficiently, and we recognized that the pupils were not able to find out the reason why the mechanical way of calculating had to be done just this way.
All the members of the conference agreed that they had found extraordinarily many pupils with ability at Bömighausen School. A more vivid and less shy man than Mr. Emde would – in the conference´s opinion- find a small but fertile field for his work here. Mr. Emde was advised to visit the schools in the neighbourhood more often to move with more self-consciousness. That would certainly lead to more success in his own school.
Well, maybe, he will dare it. Corbach, July 1852, signed: Kühne

The 64 years old joiner´s and teacher Emde´s granddaughter Schreiners told me about that classroom. She remembered it very well and described it pretty "colourful" to me.

(Remark: This "conference" appearently was a supervision. Teacher Emde´s abilities were tested. k.n.)