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The confirmation picture from 1921: 1. Pöttner Karl, Pöttner Albert, Behle Heinrich, Schalk Richard, Behle Adolf, Pohlmann Lina, Knippschild Christine.

Consecration on May 1st, 1949 St. Pankratius Neerdar-

From left to right: Erna Luise Kesper, Alfred König, Liselotte Amend, Karl Thomas, Elfriede Emde +,

Manfred Kronborn, Elisabeth Potthof


Confirmation sentence of Marie Friederike Henrietta Emden on Mai 22 nd ,1887














Golden Confirmation on March 14 th , 1996 in der St. Pankratius Kirche in Neerdar.

Golden Confirmation: In memory of childhood and youth.

On Saturday, Apr.20 th , 1996 fifty-seven former candidates of confirmation came together. Meanwhile their hair had turned grey, because they had taken their consecration from 1941 until 1945 in the church district of Rhena. Now they celebrated the Golden Confirmation, together with their families. Bömighausen and Neerdar inhabitants took part in the solemn service being celebrated by reverend Kurt Heyer (Eimelrod) in the Pankratius Church (Neerdar).