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Early Modern Age (Tax Lists and Communitybills)

The investigator

An investigator´s position needed a responsible man because his job was extremely important for the village. Later he was called community calculator (taxator, investigator). He had to raise taxes and duties for the community. Even today in some communities the word “raising” is used in connection with community money based on taxation. The community taxator also had to list up the village´s income and expenditure.

Two examples will make this clear. A small double paged receipt of the investigators Fried. Koch and C. Emden shows us how economically paper was handled.

On August 9th, 1879 Heinrich Emden paid (M/Pfennig)

Lichtmesse (or „Lichtmess“ = Since 4 th cent. celebration of St. Mary´s purification on Febr. 2 nd ) Brodt   0,50

Six monthly August 2,84

Six monthly institution 2,84

Michelbrodt (= special bread on St. Michael´s Day) 0,50

Receipt given by Fried. Koch


On Dec. 12thHeinrich Emde payed

Community tax 18 Months                  8,52

Lichtmesse and Michel Bread

Investigator: Fried. Koch

On March 2nd, 1881 Heinrich Emden payed community tax 7 Mark, 89 Pfennig. Receipt written by investigator Fried. Koch

In 1882 H. Emden payed

Community tax                      1,93

Lichmessebread                 0,50

Community tax                      1,93

Michaelis Bread                    0,50

School fees IIl. Quartal        0,50

Community tax                      1,93

School fees III. Quartal         0,50

Bömighausen, March 24th, 1883 by investigator C. Emden


In 1883 the duty of the community investigator went from Fried. Koch to C. Emden. In 1886 Christian Kramer became the official investigator.

List of the Bömighausen Community´s receipt and expenditure in 1866


List of the Bömighausen Community´s receipt and expenditure in1881


List of the Bömighausen Community´s receipt and expenditure in1906







 List of people on duty (tax)