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Having edited more than 70 publications of local genealogical researches yet, the Waldeccian Historical Union proudly presents the Chronicle of Bömighausen Village. Editing such historical publications the union has taken a leading part in the Federal Republic of Germany. At last Vol. 74 – Bömighausen-  is appearing right now.

This book´s author, Mr. Karl Thomas, is well- known for his experience exploring the history of his nearer and farer surrounding, he is especially “bound” to this subject, and there is no doubt that he succeeded extraordinarily. His uncle, Mr. Karl Schäfer, encouraged him in his early days to collect historical facts and data, especially of his home – village of Bömighausen, and Mr. Thomas has been gathering them for the last 50 years. Now they form the basis of the actual book.

It is also remarkable that these local events are always connected with the situations in larger dimensions. So the author´s work grows up to interesting literature for everyone who is willing to find himself, families and inhabitants of Bömighausen Village. It is quite sure that this book will get many readers in the region.

Finally, the Waldeccian Historical Union would like to thank Mr. Thomas and the co- authors as well, especially Mr. Hans Bärenfänger. Thanks also to the community of Willingen for having taken part in the printing costs.

Alfred Rüscher

Representative Chairman of the Waldeccian Historical Union, Bad Arolsen,

Thomas Trachte

Mayor of Willingen Community 

As a magistrate in this beautiful village of Bömighausen let me say “thank you” to everyone who helped to produce this genealogical book, also in the name of all the inhabitants. I would like to add that I always have felt fine here since 30 years.

It is nearly impossible to list up the various authors´  exceptional efficiency, however it has to be mentioned that this reading work was only able to be produced by togetherness, shown by many highly encouraged co- workers.

Especially Mr. Karl Thomas´ explorations made the production of chronical and book possible. Mr. Thomas, a teacher, grew up in Bömighausen and deserves special acknowledgement and a cordial “thank you.”

At least a joyful reading to all inhabitants who are interested in the village´s history. May they get lots of information from this book!

Detlef Ückert

Magistrate of Bömighausen

Thanks to the editors of the Genealogical Researches of Bömighausen Village

Deep is the well of the past. Shouldn´t it be called impenetrable?” Thus, Thomas Mann starts his epos “Joseph and his brothers”. He describes the early biblical history; later, in the main part he tells us something about Joseph´s touching life, his career in Egypt and the initially friendly acceptance by the poor Hebrew nomads.

While writing the Genealogical Researches you pulled up the past bucket after bucket discovering interesting facts which are worth knowing them. You connected connections, you discovered interrelations which were already to sink down. You looked out for all that the well water contained and brought up what was necessarily important enough to be pulled up again. So you found out, what was to be put “above” and “below”, “before” and “after”. Your intensive work took you to the feeling that this “well of the past” would not be able to plumb the well´s depth.

Indeed, you did inestimable work for “your” village and the complete region. You prepared the “well of the past” for us as a loveable place to sit down. You may just splash in its water, e.g. turning over the leaves or you may dive your head under water going right into refreshing, living history. So you created a lovely place for yourself, your children, grandchildren and those who will ever come. Therefore let me thank you.

We clergymen are always bound to history, although we preach occasionally the irrelevance of time, but sometimes I get a letter containing a question on some ancestors. Then – a little bit out of orientation – I turn over the pages of the old church registers. I tumble from year to year, trying to find results which are often written in a handwriting being hard to figure out. In comparison to these ancient registers your brandnew book with its properly laid-out indexes with the family names and single persons makes me feel the progress. So I´m grateful to have your work for practical reasons, too.

Once again: My congratulation to everybody who took part in this work, just moderately and quietly. Growing up to Future needs water from the Past, and the roots will die, if this water dies out.


You created a home, and your brilliant work makes clear that Bömighausen is an interesting historical  place giving fresh water at any time. You wrote history, because you succeeded in fixing history for us at one point.

So congratulations once again! You prepared a new way to the well of the Past for us to refresh all the inhabitants of Bömighausen and other interested people.

Matthias Müller