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Getting a Church Bell

On Jan.1st, 1860 the eldermen F. Kahlhöfer & Christian Trachte wrote and gave reasons for the acquisition of a church bell: “Every properly living christ in our community has already longed for the possession of a community church bell. How beautiful it is,when the bell rings a last „Good Bye“ at a funeral --- how vivid becomes the idea in us, how long we shall have the grace before the bell will call us to the grave!”

May the bell make up those peoples´ mind to pray who are lazy .„God may be willing to make each inhabitant feel the meaning of a bell, and, by this each inhabitant may be glad to pay his part to the honour of the Lord, because there is no merit but God´s alone!”

The community will ask the Gustav Adolf Union for still missing money. In Jan. 1860 a collection took place. The collection list with all the contributions are still present:

  Rtl. = Reichstaler Sgl.
 Witwe Schalk u. Johannes Fr. Behle  20  
 Johannes Pöttner u. dessen Vater Matthias    1  
 Christian Schalk    4    2
 Christian Kramer    1  15
 Carl Gräbe    2  
 Johann Potthof    4  
 Joh. Friedrich Behle v. Michels    1  
 Joh. Friedrich Schnautz    1  15
 Heinrich Schüttler    4  
 Friedrich Kalhöfer, Dommes  10  
 Christian Trachte    4  
 Friedrich u. Christian Kalhöfer v. Berghöfer    4  
 Lehrer Emde    1  15
 Johannes Trögeler    1  
 Schäfer Wilke    1  10
 Bernhard Behle    4  
 Christian Biederbick    -  15
 Christian Emde    1  10
 Joh. Friedrich Kleine    1  
 Christian Schnautz u. Georg Lamm    1  
 Henricus Wittmer    1  
 Christian Stremme Chaussewärter    -  15
 altogether  70    7

Collected in January 1860. Collectors: Eldermen Friedrich Kalhöfer, mayor and Christian Trachte assistant.

Already on Apr.23 rd,1860 a contract will be written containing delivery and other conditions between the community and the bell founder H. Humpert.

The bell´s weight will be 120 pounds. The community will pay 20 Reichsthaler per 10Pds.

How they managed to hang up the bell and where the bell´s first location was is still unknown. After having built up the “Old School” it is said to have been rung at a wooden scaffold nest on the school building. From 1929 an electric motor rings the bell in a small tower on top of the former school house. Exceptionally, in connection with funerals, the bell´s clapper is moved by hand („klepping“).