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Judges, Mayors, Magistrates 1.4.4

The nomenclatures change from iudex (iudge), pagimagister, to village judge (Dorfrichter) or judge (Richter).To find out the begin and end of their official occupation is not often possible.
The 1st and last year are written down when the name is mentioned several times.
Village Judges:

1. Johan Michael Geldmacher 1689

(He was provisor of Neerdar Church)

2. Johan Behle 1721 1740

3. Johan Jacob Klein 1753

4. Johan Herman Küthe(n) 1756

5. Johan Mathias Behle 1763 1779

6. Henricus Kalhöfer 1793 1803

7. Johan Friedrich Kalhöfer 1820 1829


1. Georg Friedrich Kalhöfer 1852 1864

2. Johan Christian Trachte (Clement) 1868 1903

He was a mayor for over 33 years. From a report in „Das Upland“ pge. 147: “Here is the result of the mayor- and magistrate election in our community: Chr. Trachte, farmer, was elected for mayor. He did this job for ca. 27 years, which is the proof for having fulfilled his profession faithfully and according to conscience.”

3. Friedrich Trachte Clement 1903 1934

(also mayor for more than 30 years. An article in „Das Upland“ pge. 382: For 31 years Friedrich Trachte, farmer, served as a mayor faithfully, and he got a special document for his service by the organization “Deutscher Gemeindetag“ . The district president in Corbach gave it to him. This profession was held by his family for over 70 years.

4. Friedrich Heinrich Christian Schalk (Richts) 1934 1945

5. Friedrich Schalk (Schalkes) 1945 19

6. Friedrich Schalk (Neuhaus)

7. Karl Zölzer (Clemens) 1968 1969

8. Fritz Behlen, Müllers, (last mayor, 1st magistrate )


1.Fritz Behlen 1972

2.Christian Lamm 1972 1981

3.Detlef Ückert 1981 1985

4.Friedrich Koch 1985 2001

4.Detlef Ückert 2001

WLZ , Apr.26th, 1985: The community of Bömighausen elected a new magistrate: The members of the magistrate elected in a constitutional meeting on Wednesday Friedrich Koch for chairman.(The election was in consense.) Fritz Römer is representative chairman. Friedrich Trachte, Dieter Pohlmann und Herbert Knippschild are further members oft he magistrate. Protocolist: Dieter Sokop. The new magistrate gave thank to the former one, Detlef Ückert, for his work during the last years, especially for his engagement, when the community house was built.

In the photo we can see the assembly oft he magistrates with mayor Günther Rehbein, Frieder Koch löst Detlef Ückert ab

the chairman of the community assembly, Heinrich Göbel, and Detlef Ückert as former magistrate.






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