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Lake Bömighausen from Bömighausen

Lake Bömighausen
Lake Bömighausen

WLZ, Febr. 18.th, 1972 . A lake for the holiday guests in Bömighausen. This year people who like water appearently shall be able to enjoy most of various kinds of water sports. So, the village, officially being certificated as a recovering place, has got one more attraction.

The former mayor Fritz Behlen initiated the project, and before the fusion with the other Upland communities Bömighausen was officially allowed to start the construction of a lake in Neerdar Valley.

It only took about 1,5 months until the lake could be filled with water. By this time (compare the newspaper date at the beginning) the water is floating in. Finally the lake will contain by 22500 square metres, and the guests will be able to enjoy it this year.

Magistrate Behlen´s idea was to connect a campground with the lake to make it more attractive to those people who would like to spend their holidays in the village. Additionally there existed a plan to erect a hotel, and the first preparations began.

In 1971 16300 guests were registered. That meant an amount of 250 percent within one year. Most visitors booked rooms in boarding houses.

Bömighausen – part of the Uplands- offers various activities: There is an indoor bath, riders may try well trained horses, fishermen can fish for trouts in the Neerdar and Lake Diemel which is nearby. For the kids the community offers a well equipped playground and a place where they can play football.

From a school essay:

The Landscape round Lake Bömighausen

The lake is at the beginning of the village, and therefore it is called Lake Bömighausen.

In summer there is very much public utility, and the people living in the villages nearby go there by bike or motor bike. From Eppe it takes 6 to 7 km to arrive at the lake, There is an island with a duck house. In the background there is a forest and the lake is surrounded by grassland with some benches where you can take a sun bath.

Then two step-like terraces follow. They carry caravans, holiday houses and a kiosk.

Fish swim in and ducks on the water. By the bank there is a small pier, and from there you can jump into the water which is not clear because in it there are algas and rotted plants which produce mud. The water is well temperated.

On the lake you can go by rubber boat or rowing boat or you lay down on a rubber matress to glide on the water. The lake is not so suitable for sailing boats. Near the lake people can walk to the forest. In winter the lake is frozen and so you can go ice skating. The landscape round Lake Bömighausen has got a merry character.


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