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1.4.9 New Building Areas from Bömighausen

From the middle of the 1960s new areas for new buildings were needed. At first some inhabitants looked for them, later many newcomers came. Many of them already knew the village, because they had come to spend their holidays in Bömighausen years before. They liked the village, its inhabitants and the nature.

So the construction areas “Stendergrund and “Am Berghof” were created. In the meantime many houses got new owners, but the number of houses also increased, because new houses had been built during the last years. Today there are not many free places. Those ones which are still available belong to former vacancy guests who bought them formerly because of the low prices.

In addition 2 new holiday areas were created in Bömighausen. One of them is situated at the little lake. It is connected with a campground. The other area is at the “Lönn”. Fritz Behlen, last mayor and –later- first magistrate, forced the development and encouraged the construction of the vacancy houses, because he wanted to make sure that vacancy guests would like to visit the village, and he was successful.

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