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The Church of Bömighausen

On April 9th, 1970 Mayor Behle, Churchwarden Griesel, Deacan Figge und Pastor Dickmann had a meeting at the church county office and negotiated financial substitute for the construction of a church in Bömighausen. On Oct. 13th the council of Bömighausen and the churchwardens have a meeting and decide an usufruct - treaty between the clerus and the political community. It said that the community was allowed to celebrate The Church of Bömighausen service there. 






The construction started on Oct. 17th.

The regional newspaper “WLZ” publishes on Dec. 15 th : “Builder´s treat for Bömighausen´s graveyard- chapel. The rough brickwork was done in record time by the citizens. This new chapel will also be the place for the Sunday services.

The new church has been under „roof and walls“ since this weekend, and so the members’ community got a church of their own. Mayor Fritz Behlen, Pastor Dickmann, architect Roland Becker and the inhabitants of Bömighausen came together in the new six-cornered rough brickwork to celebrate builder´s treat. The whole building was erected with self-help. Since Oct. 17th craftsmen from Bömighausen have been busy with excavating, cement mixing or laying bricks. They had to surround an area of 560 m3 with bricks, on a basal surface of 122 square meters. They erected a hall of 70 square meters. A sacristy, a coffin room , a room to keep some implement and a large superstructured area were added. This new chapel probably will cost 141 000 Marks. Substitutions for the small community of about 50 percent are supposed to be given by the church district and about 10 percent by the rural district.

The inauguration probably will take place in the following year, nevertheless the constructors are content having been successful in keeping rain and snow away from the interior of the building. On Nov. 19th, 1971 Pastor Dickmann invites the community for the inauguration.

On Nov. 21st the new Bömighausen church is inaugurated by the reverends Dr. Krienitz, pastor Heermann and the village pastor Dickmann. In spite of a heavy snowstorm many people took part in the celebration. Mrs Minna Schalk (+) made it possible to buy the organ some years ago. 

On March 7th, 2004 Mr. Fritz Koch and his wife Elsa were able to celebrate their „Diamond Wedding“.

They put the base for a new entrance area being surrounded with glass windows by a generous donation of 1000 Euro. Fortunately further donors joined them.