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1.4.18 The Competition Our Village ought to become more beautiful

This competition between the villages in the federal country of Hessen is very popular in Germany.
Associations and all the inhabitants try to turn out all their knowledge and fantasy to "push up " their village and win the prize for the most beautiful village. But just "beauty" is not enough, the jury also looks for special institutions which make the village unique.°
° remark by the interpreter

WLZ , Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, 1963

WLZ v. Dienstag, den 3. September 1963

Bömighausen is still "on the run". When the members of the federal commission visited the village to have (more than) a look at it, they were positively impressed – however, the decision will be next weekend.
The great day has gone. The inhabitants "held their breath", but the tension still goes on. Everyone who tried to "read" something from the faces of the commission members read in vain, no decision was readable yesterday.
20 villages from eight federal states in the Federal Republic of Germany take part in this competition.


No need to say that Sunday night turned out to be long. Mayor Zölzer and teacher Koch kept walking through the village trying to watch "their" village with critical and incorruptible eyes, the eyes of impartial people. And no need to report that the whole community did everything that was possible to tidy up the village.
The district president Dr. Reccius did not stay away and visited "his" most beautiful community.
The maximum number of points is 100. The points are divided into three categories:1.achievement done by the community itself, (general impression of the village, culture, institutions for recovering and to spend free time, 1 – 30 pts.), community tasks (the village´s green, trees and bushes by the roads, lanes, village centers, creeks or ponds, maintenance of institutions and plants, green, etc., 1 – 35 pts.) 

WLZ, Saturday, Nov. 30th, 1963

Yesterday the news spread out like a bush fire all over the inhabitants of the small pre- Upland community: Minister Hacker congratulated the population of Bömighausen on having won the gold medal in the competition.

Thus, the inhabitants got a reward for hard but passionately work during many weeks. Now their village is well-known as one of the most beautiful ones in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The teacher Mr. Koch and his wife are to be mentioned. They did everything to make the village more beautiful. “The maintenance of the buildings and the flowering gardens round the houses point out that each inhabitant is personally involved in the village´s design. The gardens, fruit trees and vegetable- and front gardens are cultivated at their best.

N Dorferneuerung umerous trees by the houses and farms indicate the knowledge that those are important for the whole village. The commission would like to mention the maintenance and design of the creek. Trees and hedges are in harmony with village and landscape. In Bömighausen the mayor, council and all the inhabitants, the teacher and the pupils worked together to make their surrounding more beautiful, in spite of some scenic problems.

Bömighausen got its most desired“ golden“ destiny. Mayor Zölzer, Mr. Koch and 25 inhabitants went to Bonn and received the golden badge as a sign of victory in the village competition.

Yesterday the community of Bömighausen took part in receiving the golden badge in the Beethoven Memorial Hall in Bonn. Bömighausen had won the federal competition on the most beautiful village. Mayor Karl Zölzer and the teacher Fritz Koch

Dorfverschönerung Wappen received the document. 27 community members joined the important feast. The communities of Allendorf and Biskirchen also got a golden badge.

The president of the German Gardening Society and chairman of the German Council of Landscape- Maintenance, count Lennart Bernadotte especially mentioned that it was largely owing to the federal state of Hessen to care for villages and landscape. He added:”Our villages should not be more beautiful but also more religious again. They might become space where mankind can really live in freedom, responsibility and devotion.” The Federal President of Germany, Mr. Heinrich Lübke welcomed the mayors of 20 mayors in the Villa Hammerschmid t (official residence of the president). He said, if young people were given a task, they would do their duty.

Bömighausen did an impressive job“ : On Friday meeting with the Federal President / a walk with the Federal Commission who examines the villages taking part in the competition.

Dorfverschönerung JurryOn Friday, Nov. 29th, 1963 the Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Forests, Werner Schwarz will give the awards to the communities which are winners in the village competition. The President of the Federal Republic of Germany will meet the mayors of the 20 villages at noon in the Villa Hammerschmidt. A numerous delegation of the Waldeccian community of Bömighausen will take part in the celebrations in Bonn.
Visiting and examining Bömighausen Community the committee became deeply impressed. By the activiDorfverschönerungties of the villge with 200 inhabitants. In spite of agricultural difficulties and lack of workers the community finished numerous projects which consequently were oriented on the typical village character.

Project” more beautiful village“, WLZ , Jul. 12 th , 1966:

Nearly all Bömighausen people went into the project, when they got to know that the village would take part in the competition, together with just seven other Hassian communities.

All details were registrated by the commission. Here was a well maintained front garden, there the clean bed of Neerdar Creek which had been a problem in former days. It had been dirty and had looked neglegated, but now the bank was clean und the water was clear without any rubbish.

A special place was the village´s cold- storing depot, Mr. Zölzer used to call it “the most visited house in the village”. Its freshly painted walls and the windows with their flower- pots made the serviceable house pretty. The graveyard certainly was another reason for a positive mark. In ancient times the dung- places were signals for a farmer´s success, but they have gone a pretty long time ago. When it was impossible to remove them, they were surrounded by fences to hide them. Of course it was quite usual that there were flower – containers by the stairs and in front of nearly all windows.

Bericht aus der WLZ

Usually village roads are no fancy alleys, but the roads in Bömighausen looked shiny, not only because of the rain. The firefighters had washed them using strong water floods. At last the inspection ended with testing some wine in the house of the merchant Römer.

Bömighausen decided a low budget:

Only the most necessary projects are planned/ In spite of the gold medal the community council worries about the holiday guests. The ordinary household contains a budget of 39 085 Marks. Four years ago the school got new forms, tables and a new floor (for about 3500 Marks) Now the school- roof has to be renewed, together with other repair- projects. The budget for these projects will be 5300 Marks in 1963 / 64. The community spent 20.000 Marks on the competition and the village roads were tarred..

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