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The Extension of the Village 1.4.8 Bömighausen

By Karl Schäfer

During various centuries the village reached from the graveyard to the mill and beyond Neerdar creek from a house presently called Lamm´s (Jürgens) to the "Berghof".When the road construction Korbach – Brilon which had begun in 1844 had finished in the 50s, the village widened from Werbelscheid to the new road. Between 1870 and 1914 a small new village part with 8 houses was established „Auf dem „Hundemarkede" (="On the dogs´market"). This quarter was called „die Fürrstadt" (= pre-town) or – a little mocking - „dat Millionenviertel

"(the million quarter).From 1870 until 71 the carpenter Christian Biederbick built a house with a pub. He was followed by Jost Emde (Jaustes), Emde Kiärkhöves, Pöttner Lottens, Pöttner Pöttners, Bange (Keinen), oldErweiterung des Dorfes

schoolhouse, Schalk Niggenhüsers. Between World War I and World War II the new school was built and Karl Pöttner´s and Pohlmann´s house as well. After World War II Alma Schalk´s house was added, and in the end of the 90s Hans Bärenfänger built a new house between the church and the schoolhouse (Hundemarkt, Baumschule 2).The new village part was established after World War II above the "Berghof" to the "Sonder". From 1960 some houses were built and a vacancy area was added, too.