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1.4.19 The Playground in Bömighausen

Der Bömighäuser Spielplatz

The old playground was next to the house of Jürgensmann.

Der alte Bömighäuser Spielplatz

In the picture you can see the modern playground. It is well- liked by young and old. On the other side of the lane there is a table- tennis- table made of concrete.

WLZ , June 23rd, 2003:


 Here is the translation:

Working together in Bömighausen

A wide Heart for the Aftergrowth

Bömighausen people have a wide heart for the aftergrowth. A great number of village- men came together to work for the kids.
Magistrate Detlef Ückert had got a letter containing complaints about the lack of possibilities for children and young people to spend their free time. They also produced a long list of things they would likr to have.Of course it is nit possible to fulfill all their wishes, e.g. the installation of a special room for the youngsters. Other wishes, like better bus – connections are not subjects of the village council meetings. Other proposals could – or can- come true: The small football ground near the lake was made new. On Friday and Saturday the members of the council began to create better possibilities for the kids. With the help of the firefighters and the local holiday guest bureau the community renovated the wooden installations in the playground and an area was plastered. A table-tennis- table was installed, too. A volleyball- field is planned instead of a flower area. Perhaps a sand place will replace the grass. In front of the village hall a basket ball- basket will be installed, too. Further work is planned. The village people look forward to the "Lake Festival" on Jul. 12th and 13th, and they are sure that all work will be done then. In autumn the new playground will be inaugurated.


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