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The School in Bömighausen In General

Before 1700 craftsmen taught the children in Bömighausen how to read and write and how to calculate. They taught them in addition to their regular jobs which they needed because teaching children meant very poor salary.

Who was the first “teacher” in the village? Nobody knows, however in 1719 the first school was firstly installed according to the church district register of Neerdar, where you can read that Bömighausen got a schoolmaster of its own. In the year 1724, Georg Klein is mentioned. He died already in 1726.

The last teacher who taught in Bömighausen was Fritz Koch until the school was closed. Mr Koch lived in his house on the “Berghof” and celebrated the“Diamond Wedding Jubilee“with his wife Else.

The teachers´ position in Bömighausen was not that attractive in the 19 th century, did not have much material, and so the school was often vacant and the teachers did not stay long.

A quarrel between the political community and teacher Emde in 1808 .

The archives of the community of Bömighausen contain eighteen pages reporting about this quarrel. There were some points of dispute, among others the teacher`s demands which the community refused. The representatives of the community were judge Kahlhöfer ´s son Henrich, magistrate Schalk, Markmaster Schüttler and Christian Kahlhöfer as complainant and schoolmaster Emde as defendant. The representatives reproached the schoolmaster having failed in several points: Emde, working as a joiner,too, got 12 pennies for the winter school and 6 pennies for the summer school from each pupil.

The schoolmaster Emde is admonished to fulfill his duties carefully; the gievances coming from the community have to be investigated thoroughly.

A disposal by the Principality Consistorium ( October 6th,1808) made Bömighausen pay schoolmaster Emde 2 Spind ( = as much as 2 carriages full of wood) of oat and some extra money for one classroom.

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