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1.4.17 The Village Hall


WLZ , Dec. 9th, 1982

Before wintertime the village hall´s rough brickwork in Bömighausen will get a protective roof. Yesterday the carpenters were busy preparing it, today builder´s treat will be celebrated by 4 p.m. So an important first part of construction is done.

Now the roof has to be tiled, because in winter the interior works will be done by the inhabitants. Mr. Rehbein, mayor praised their engagement and said, the planned costs would not amount over 500.000 Marks. This year


the community council of Willingen has offered 250.000 Marks for the first part of the interior constructions.

The federal country of Hessen gives 120 000 Marks altogether and the district 30 000 Marks.

The building will have a hall which can be opened in the direction of the foyer, a kitchen, toilets and some necessary by- rooms.

250 guests will find places altogether in the assembly room. This will only be possible when the hall will be widened, otherwise only 160 people would have been able to find seats. So Mr. Detlef Ückert and the community council decided to construct an additional building. All construction works will be done by the inhabitants themselves, and the unions- rifle association, etc,- will take part in the costs.


WLZ June 16th, 1983: It just will take only three weeks until the inhabitants of Bömighausen will


celebrate their great shooting match, from July 9 th – 11 th.

Magistrate Detlef Ückert is pretty sure that the feast will take place in the new village hall. The construction works are nearly done, and in the evenings and at weekends all the “volunteers” do their best to finish the last works in the house´s interior. The area round the new building also have to be completed, the ground has to be smoothed and different plants will be planted. The way to the hall has to be fastened, too. In the picture you can have a look at the village hall.

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