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1.1.6 Waterpipes, Railroad, Roads

Construction of a water pipe in Bömighausen and well
Construction of a water pipe in Bömighausen and well

Wells (water supply)

Before the construction of a water pipe the village people was mostly supplied by wells (s. photo).

For the stock and as water which was not neeed for drinking people used water from the Neerdar and its side creeks.

Long dryness in autumn and hard winters made the supply difficult.

When I was a child I was very fond of a water pump in”Old Pohlmann´s" house and a winding well in a wooden shed between “Lotten” and "Niggenhüser´s" houses.

Friedrich Schalk (Niggenhüser´s Frieder) got water for his shoe repair from a well like this.

Picture:“Korbach in alten Ansichten“ Vol. 2)

After World War II Albert Pöttner, Erich Pöttner and I played on the edge of Schäfer´s grassland. Suddenly the ground broke in a little bit, and we poked. We were astonished, how deep we got in. At last, when more soil had come down, we saw the rests of a slate wall appearing. Later, by exploration, we learnt that we had discovered my grandfather´s well again. Of course this event was an impressive archaeological experience.

Construction of a water pipe in Bömighausen
Construction of a water pipe in Bömighausen

Construction of the water pipe in 1908

The pipe did cost 5 360,59 Goldmarks altogether!
Even the pupils helped with the hard work. A nice gift for the women of Bömighausen!
On Nov.11th, 1908 twelve men from the village founded a so-called community of interests.
Already on Nov.12th, 1908 a treaty was made on delivering and setting pipes and connections into the houses.
This photo showing the water pipe´s construction was found by our reader Richard Schäfer, Korbach, Neuer Weg, in his documents. You can see the people from Bömighausen at work.” A hard job”, Schäfer remembers and thinks of the stories the workers once told him. By the way: His grandfather Karl G
rebe can be seen in the picture in the first line to the right.
In 1963 a new pipe was constructed by the construction firm Fisseler, Korbach, instead of the old one. All the water net was renewed. In 1997 another renovation of the canal system was started.


Constructing the railway track Korbach – Brilon Wald.

This railway route through the Uplands was the last one to be installed in Waldeck. On Apr. 1 st , 1917 it was connected with the traffic net after a long prehistory.

Constructing the railway track Korbach – Brilon Wald.
Constructing the railway track Korbach – Brilon Wald.

From 1850 – 52 the railroad providing the areas Main- Weser, Frankfurt-Marburg- Kassel was constructed. In 1874 they made the east – west connection with the important stations Brilon/Korbach and Wrexen. More than 100 pages contain proposals, plans pros and contras about the principality´s development by railroad.

1893: route Warburg – Korbach was finished.

1900: route Korbach – Marburg was ready to be used.

1912: route Korbach – Wabern was added.

The photo on the right shows the construction of the route Korbach – Brilon Wald.





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